The Doctor Is In!

It wasn’t till about 2 1/2 years ago that I developed a certain style. Up until then I had no real interest in fashion or design. I think what triggered my interest was interning at Big Magazine 2 years ago. I was running errands and retouching photos for different photographers andย  fashion designers so, naturally I started to pay more attention. One of the first things that defined my style has and will always be music. Even though most people know that grunge and 90s alternative rock is by far my favorite genre, Doc Martens have been a staple in the wardrobe since as long as I can remember.

My first experience with Doc Martens was when I was 12, everyone at school was wearing them with their uniform. I begged my mom to get me a pair but she was hesistant on spending +100 on a pair of uniform school shoes for a 12 year old (and I don’t blame her). Finally 2 years later when I was 14 I got my first pair. They were sort of mary jane style and I loved them. As the years progressed I distinctly remember saving my babysitting money to get a pair of 14 eye steel toe boots from Smash ( the only punk/alternative local store in Georgetown, DC at the time). These were also essential in my cross-over to the goth side in the coming months (yes, as embarassing as that is). I felt like a million dollars. Fast forward to a year ago when my love was rekindled by this:

the Fall 2007 Yohji Yamamoto Runway show:


It was shortly after that I noticed this Advertisement in one of my fashion mags:


Shot by the amazing Valerie Phillips whose work I have admired since she shot for vintage issues of NYLON.ย  After seeing this ad I all of a sudden realized how great my entire wardrobe would look with a pair of 8 eyelet white Doc Martens. And boy I was right! I gave in and bought a pair of the Yohji Yamamoto distressed white 10 eye boots (photos to follow) and then the obsession followed. I am now up to 4 pairs of Docs.

I then started seeing more color variations and more photos creeping up in the streetstyle and blog world. These are some of my favs..


One of the best films that I saw in 2008 via Netflix was “This is England”. It immediately gave me inspiration on my own fall/winter look. Cuffed pants, and f-ing Doc Martens!


I also love the way that Daisy Lowe wore her bright pink ones here: stsl05_fashioncrisis0811b

and now I will leave you with photos of my own collection. I hope that this post has inspired you to get a basic black or hot pink pair and wear it your own way!


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    OMG!!! i’m completely obsessed with docs!! i’m not sure if i should buy the mid calf to near knee high white docs or get the green ones like the ones you have or the blue ones!!!

    damn! (i have blk and red :D) i can’t decide!!1

    you’ve inspired me even more to go out and buy one

  5. 5

    i have docs :D. and i love them to death!! heh… i just wanted them for such a long time… so i bought them last year.. and they’re on my feet all the time :D. yeeah :).

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