Who in the world is Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is a rare breed, an avant garde designer born in LA with the visual aesthetic Yohji Yamamoto. He mostly works in black, gray and all neutral tones in between. This is one of the reasons that I love him so much. I always know that every season he will create a work of art that will fit seamlessly into my growing wardrobe.

He recently opened a boutique in New York City (which I still have yet to visit). Even within his boutique there is a clear vision he carries out with smoke machines and a gothic feeling that perfectly blends with his designs. Recently style.com had an interview with him about the concept of his new shop. Check out the man himself here :

Rick Owens Interview

Even his angular black cape that he wears in the interview makes me think that he is a super hero. Sent here to challenge people on seeing lines, shapes, and form in a whole new way.

I hope everyone has seen why I love Rick Owens so much. Now here are some of my favorite looks from past seasons.

F/W 2003


S/S 2005


F/W 2007


S/S 2008




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