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I know that this blog is primarily used for fashion but as most of you know music is probably my number one passion, even over my love for fashion. I wanted to use this blog as a means to expose readers to some great music that they may not hear otherwise. This is also why I used to have a podcast as well. I just became too busy to keep it up so you can think of this as a music profile that I would have offered on my show a few months ago.

Since moving to Los Angeles I haven’t been exposed to any local music yet. With getting settled on a new coast and moving it just has been getting lost in the shuffle. Pleasantly that fire has been rekindled upon hearing this new band, Post Human Era.
Post Human Era is a music project formed by brothers Daniel and Michael Finfer.Β  One night there was a song playing over the speaker as we were closing down the store and it was the song “Replacing You”. It blends the airy-pop dreamy sound of the Postal Service and landscaping quality that only Scandinavian bands it seems have been able to master. For me the influences are noticeable but don’t take away from the originality of the music itself.

“You in the Future” is the lead track off of their latest album ” To Build a Fire”.

Melancholy lyrics seem to dominate the subject matter of the album however,Β  they areΒ  backed with electro-pop and ambient qualities that gives them such an interesting dynamic.

My personal favorite happens to be “Replacing You” that blends the dreamy shoe gaze quality of Sigur Ros with the beat of Nine Inch Nails. You can only get the feeling when you hear it:

So, if you enjoy Mew, Sigur Ros, Death Cab for Cutie and maybe even Nine Inch Nails then check out Post Human Era.

For more information, and to download the entire album for free, visit

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    can you please upload a picture of you carrying the proenza bag on your shoulder and also across the body?i want to buy one but im concerned with the size of it. thanks

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