Menswear Monday Style Profile: Nicholas Hoult

It’s another installment of menswear Monday and Nicholas Hoult is my crush du jour this week. I know that it seems that celebrities are the focus of my last three menswear posts but I am drafting a long and detailed post of my menswear fashion week wrap up. It’s so hard to express how I feel about mens fashion because it is still fairly new to me.

Nicholas Hoult is most known from “About a Boy” with Hugh Grant back in 2002. He gained more exposure from starring as Tony on highly popular and shocking UK teen drama, Skins. A show that I happen to be a big fan of to this day. More recently he starred in “A Single Man” directed by former Gucci designer Tom Ford.ย  He can now also be seen in his S/S 2010 ads. Subsequently an ad that I just saw plastered along Sunset Blvd on my drive home tonight.

I have always admired the UK style. He seems like a younger more clean cut version of Pete Doherty. Although not as grungy but he has a certain type of cool, laid back style that seems to run rampant across the pond.

Check out these photos and his recent editorial in Nylon Guys magazine:

Editorial for Nylon Guys:

Credit: teenidols4you,thefashionspot,

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