Menswear Monday Style Profile: Nicholas Hoult

It’s another installment of menswear Monday and Nicholas Hoult is my crush du jour this week. I know that it seems that celebrities are the focus of my last three menswear posts but I am drafting a long and detailed post of my menswear fashion week wrap up. It’s so hard to express how I feel about mens fashion because it is still fairly new to me.

Nicholas Hoult is most known from “About a Boy” with Hugh Grant back in 2002. He gained more exposure from starring as Tony on highly popular and shocking UK teen drama, Skins. A show that I happen to be a big fan of to this day. More recently he starred in “A Single Man” directed by former Gucci designer Tom Ford.  He can now also be seen in his S/S 2010 ads. Subsequently an ad that I just saw plastered along Sunset Blvd on my drive home tonight.

I have always admired the UK style. He seems like a younger more clean cut version of Pete Doherty. Although not as grungy but he has a certain type of cool, laid back style that seems to run rampant across the pond.

Check out these photos and his recent editorial in Nylon Guys magazine:

Editorial for Nylon Guys:

Credit: teenidols4you,thefashionspot,


These looks are perfection. Who says women can’t shop in the mens section?

Just beautiful.


Mary-Kate Fashion Staple: Carol Christian Poell Boots

Ok , I think its pretty clear that I love the Olsen twins. I have seen these boots on Mary-Kate lately and I just had to know who they were designed by. One of the things that I love about her is that she constantly recycles her fashion, which is amazing seeing as their closet is probably bigger than my house.

Carol Christian Poell,  an Austrian designer who bears many similarities to Martin Margiela with his transforming garments that can be worn more than 5 different ways. Check out some of his menswear at which is also worth visiting if you are in the nyc area).

Here is Mary-Kate sporting her favorite boots around town:


Alexander McQueen…Portrait of a Legend.

Earlier this morning I was woken up with a slew of text messages. One after another they read “Have you heard? Alexander McQueen has died.” I thought that this was a prank just like you hear about in the tabloids occasionally. I quickly checked my fashion blog sources and discovered that the news was all too real.

I was only introduced to fashion about 4 years ago. I was interning at a small Spanish magazine in New York called Big and the issue I was working on was following designers backstage at fashion shows for the F/W 2007 shows. Alexander McQueen was one of the first designers that I was introduced to. I never knew that fashion wasn’t just about what you wore, it was truly an art form. For Alexander McQueen it seemed that he put on every show like it was his last.

These are some of the seasons that I found the most memorable.

Fall/Winter 2006

To see my favorite of Spring Summer 2008 refer to my earlier post :

Of course his last show (Spring 2010) was one of the most talked about in the industry. The infamous “lobster claw” shoes that seem almost impossible to walk in truly became works of art. Even more so when fashion forward Lady Gaga wore his designs in her Bad Romance Video here:

The girls came onto the runway looking like desert animals complete with McQueen’s armor and Frankenstein-esque ballet shoes. There is nothing to say about this collection that can’t be seen. Honestly, the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Details of the show, which are truly extraordinary.

Fashion Week has just started in New York and I’m sure the industry was not prepared to lose one of its beloved family. However, his designs will always live on forever.

Goodbye, Alexander McQueen. (1969-2010)

Photo credit:

Indie Grunge: Kirsten Dunst

I have always loved style that is unpredictable. Kirsten Dunst to me has a style that is almost as schizophrenic as my own. One minute her style is inspired by the French, then the next minute she is grunge-tastic. I prefer to categorize her as having an indie approach to the grunge vibe. She seems to draw aspects of vintage style which is a very big part of the indie lifestyle. While these selections may not necessarily be “grunge” these are my favorites.

She appeared on the cover of W Magazine in April 2007 and it is still one of her most beautiful editorials I’ve ever seen. Shot by Craig McDean.

Candids Credit:

Collage Credit:

Editorial Credit:

On Repeat.

Alexander Wang + Erin Wasson = Pure Love.

credit: Nylon TV,

“Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach”

It’s Menswear Monday!

Ok, it was just about time to introduce one of my favorite reality tv stars. He’s dark, mysterious, and looks like he dropped right out of 1992. This is none other than the mysterious Justin Bobby (aka. Justin Brescia) from MTV’s The Hills. I have loved his style since the day he first appeared in the second season. He nails the grunge look with his combat boots, and the L.A. approach to grunge style that is re-emerging everywhere these days just continues to inspire me. Check out his crushworthy style here…

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