We were the Kings and Queens of Promise…Jared Leto

First thing, I have decided to create a cheesy installment known as “Menswear Monday”. I feel like this blog has all types of readers and I would like to broaden my horizons when it comes to menswear. Just because I don’t wear men’s clothing doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate it. So, I every Monday I will profile either a designer or style icon that I love. And lets face it, a little eye candy once a week never hurt anyone. Great little intro into…

About 2 hours ago it came out at work that I write this blog. So, I’m sure that some of my co-workers will be checking it out in the next few days. This next post will be quite hilarious. Jared Leto has become a mascot or “style icon” the past few weeks so forgive me fellow co-workers if you are sick of hearing his name. I happen to have liked his style for a few years now and now I’m going to show why.

Most known for his role as swoon worthy Jordan Catalano in all his grunge glory on acclaimed TV show ‘My So Called Life”.  God Bless the 90s because thats when we met Jared Leto.

After “My So Called Life” ended he took other movie roles but nothing could quite compare to the heroin addict that he played in the extremely powerful film “Requiem for a Dream”. I always thought that he should have gotten more recognition for that role. Reportedly he lost 20 lbs to play the character much like the opposite he would do years later gaining 70 lbs to play John Lennon’s killer, Marc David Chapman.

Check out the trailer:

Now he fronts the popular band, 30 Seconds to Mars and is more in the limelight for his music now than anything else. Much like Johnny Depp he moved to L.A. with the intention of being a musician and then acting just took off.

Now he can be seen around town with his grunge inspired style like flannels ripped denim and even a studded vest. I’m sorry but he really can make anything look good.

Let the drooling commence…

He is recently on the cover of Nylon Guys this month. Here is the editorial and interview he gave to NYLON TV…

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