Menswear Monday: “Grunge Goth Glamour”

When I saw the preview for Bravo’s new show “Kell on Earth” I knew I would be hooked. Seeing the inner workings of a small but nevertheless powerful fashion PR agency was right up my alley. Even more intriguing than founder Kelly Cutrone is her assistant, Andrew Mukamal. He wears full length gowns and worships at the altar of Rick Owens, as do I. I literally wait to see what he wears with each episode. He once described his style in three words: “grunge, goth, and glamour”. Take a look at his closet and his thoughts on fashion. Marry me now. Thanks.


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    This piece hit me so hard because this man SO CLEARLY my male fashion doppelgänger. I won’t be able to get over this for days, I assure you. As if I didn’t love and obsess about this blog enough already, this is obviously another reason for me to be more ga-ga over it.
    This is going to be bookmarked right next to the Kate Lanphear & Alice Dellal articles – CONSTANT style inspiration! ♥

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    I experienced Andrew watching Kell on Earth and it was amazing. Especially when he was describing his sense of fashion being a powerful message.

    It’s important to present yourself, whether you do it obsessively or passively because it really does send out a message to people.

    More inspired people please!

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