Happy 50th Birthday Dr. Martens!!!

50 Years ago today the very first pair of Doc Martens boots were rolled off the line…

So, as most of you readers probably know I am obsessed with Doc Martens. Even in this South California climate I will wearing mine loud and proud all through the summer months. To commemorate this event Doc Martens created several anniversary editions for limited release. Instead of showing a bunch of stock promotional photos I have scowered the web for street photos of Doc Martens. I feel this is true representation of the brand. It’s the streets that make them what they are.

Photos of the “Worn” Collection created for the anniversary:

Here is my Collection:

from left to right: Black 1460 “Worn” collection, 10 eye oxbloods, Purple vintage, Graffiti Print, 14 eye White Yohji Yamamoto For Dr. Martens, White distressed Yohji Yamamoto for Dr. Martens, Black Floral Print, Navy 1460 “Worn” Collection

Credit: lookbook.nu, chictopia.com, telegraph.co.uk, my camera!

Happy Birthday Doc Martens! Here’s to another 50 years!!

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    I want a pair of black floral ones so bad I think I might cry. They’re everything I ever dreamed, but I simply can’t find any anywhere.

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    Well, I dont have any blog(neither lots of information about fashion), but I always liked this type shoe(I didn’t know that were called Doc Martins!! xd) Anyway, I loved your post and ur COLLECTION!! It’s fantastic!! I think that this winter (I needed some boots) I’ll buy some white or flowered print or red…Or electrycal blue;) (Maybe I’ve done some mistakes but English isn’t my native language)
    thanks for post this kind of things!!!

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    Hey I absolutely love your collection! I am new to doc martens and just bought a pair yesterday. I was wondering how long it takes to break them in to get them to be comfortable?

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    Docยดs were the best shoes to style the 80ยดs (Psychobilly a.s.o.) and are still the best shoes to style me, even at the age of 40!!!
    I love Docยดs-they are comfortable und so beautifull ๐Ÿ™‚

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