Menswear Monday: Josh Beech

Lately I have been getting more inspired by models. While it is something that I could never do or even imagine doing, I respect it as an art form. And because it’s menswear Monday I decided to profile one of the ones on my radar: Josh Beech. A native of South London, the 24 year old is one of the most exposed models out there these days. We all know that I have a weakness for boys with tattoos and he represents that alternative high fashion look that isn’t going anywhere.

That’s it. I’m moving to London to track him down.

check out this interview he did for

to check out some of his awesome acoustic music talent check him out on YouTube as well..

credit: thefashionspot, youtube

RIP Corinne Day…

This week the art world lost one of it’s pioneers. Corinne Day has taken some of the most beautiful photos of Kate Moss ever published. Most notably were her photos for “The Face” magazine. It’s when I hear about events like this that make me challenge who I am as a photographer. Whether I would be known and what I would be known for if I died. This renews a sudden urge in me to change things in my life and possibly find who I am as an artist, something I have been struggling with ever since I left college.

Enjoy and remember a talent that will never be forgotten.

credit:, google images


For a while the Olsen twins have been hit or miss style-wise lately. I just saw a photo of them together at the airport that makes me long for the days of both of them together working it…Well, looks like those days might just be back.


The Look: Proenza Schouler Fall 2010

Fall is most definitely my favorite season. Why I moved to a city that has only spring and summer I will never know. This is party a reason why I am going to Europe for a month this fall. I happen to love my fall wardrobe. Scarves, wraps, capes, and everything else that keeps you hidden.

The boys of Proenza Schouler certainly made clothes that make you want to be seen. I love the graphic prints on the pants and the cropped chunky wool coats with chunky shoe silhouettes. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the designers have yet again made another season almost impossible to get through without owning several of their pieces. And let’s not even start on the handbags.


Menswear Monday: Max Evans aka. Jason Behr

When it comes to tv shows I’m a teenage girl at heart. One of my favorite shows that I can watch over and over again is, Roswell. A series about 3 aliens integrated into a high school in of all places, Roswell, NM. They were in the alleged 1947 crash but..I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Enough sci-fi nerding out. The main character is Max Evans, the most bruting and amazingly deep boy that saves everyone’s life. Played by Jason Behr, you just can’t help but swoon…

Max + Liz Forever!

Here is the trailer to get you hooked on this show!

credit: youtube,google images

Fashion Week: Scandinavian Streetstyle.

Here we go! One of my favorite times of the year: Fashion Week! Now, just because I’m not at all these fabulous shows doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy my favorite part: street style.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Streetstyle

Stockholm Streetstyle

Hi. I’m moving to Sweden immediately.,,,

Very Mary Kate!

Ok, so a few months ago my friend Cody showed me this amazing video series that parodies Mary-Kate Olsen. Well, you know that I love Mary-Kate Olsen just as much as the next girl and you can tell she does too!

And you know that no Mary-Kate post would be complete without a few recent candids…