sometimes it’s just time for a little twin shades. love these girls.

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Beach Girl Blues.

I love when I find a new magazine, photographer, blog. I recently came upon this great magazine called Cake. It completely fits what inspires me at the moment and what I strive to be doing in the coming year.

This grunge styled shoot in an abandoned shipyard totally floats my boat. (ok, that was a cheesy one)

Photographer: Antonio Andrade

Styling: Joanne Shippen

Make-up & Hair: Marco Antonio


Menswear Monday: Heels.

It’s been on the radar lately that more men have been wearing heels. Whether or not they are attached to boots or whether you are working those new Louboutin’s,  this trend is fast growing. I personally say “Go for it!” when I see photos of this trend. Sometimes I have to express my pure jealousy for these men who can walk around longer than I can and with much better balance.

It seems that it has even entered the fashion world with editorials in various magazines and even Lenny Kravitz is sporting some of Rick Owen’s famous mens wedge creations. However, this is not the first time men have worn heels. Even as far back as the time of Louis the XIV men wore heels, and even had designers create custom pairs. Designers are constantly using menswear for their female collections so it was just a matter of time before the roles reversed.

Lenny Kravitz

Johnny Weir

Louis XIV in heels

Rick Owens heels for men

What are your thoughts on this trend?

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My inspiration is and will always be rooted in music. So naturally I’m attracted to jewelry that is badass. Here is my inspiration for the current week. Enjoy!


Style on Video. Adeline Rapon

Most people who read this blog know that I have an obsession with street style. I especially love it when I can see it captured on video. French blogger, Adeline Rapon who’s style I happen to loove just posted a video made by Madmoizelle. Even though this video is in French, I can still enjoy the realness of seeing style straight from the street.


Menswear Monday: Phoenix

So, French alt rock band Phoenix has always been on my radar. Ever since I heard their song in “Lost in Translation” I was hooked. My friend who is visiting me here in California had never heard of them so I have been revisiting them lately. I found a couple of photos of them cruising around and now I have a whole new appreciation for their cool laid back European style.

Here is one of their videos to check in case you are new to Phoenix:

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