Menswear Monday: James Duval

James Duval is one of those guys that is so indie that I think I have even out indie’d myself on this one. I first saw him in Gregg Araki’s (who happens to be my favorite director) cult trilogy. He starts in “The Doom Generation” opposite Rose McGowan. You have to watch the rest of them. He is amazing in them. My personal favorite is “Nowhere”, described as “90210 on acid”. Since then he has appeared in “Donnie Darko” and other indie hits. Check him out!

sorry for the lack of photos but he is soo mysterious..hahaha

Doom Generation trailer:

Nowhere Trailer:


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    OMG… Greg Araki is my favorite director too. My BFF are always saying “listen here you fucking chunky pumpking head”. I have not yet seen ‘The Living End’, would you recomend it?

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