Menswear Monday: Editorial #3 “Blank Slate”

For this installment of Menswear Monday I decided to showcase another one of the fun photoshoots I love to do. This time we used one of the stylists and creative director of all the shoots we produce, Cody. Let’s just say we took him out of his usual comfort zone of neutrals and black and added a touch of color. Something that I love to see on the men out there.

Polo;American Apparel, t-shirt; stylists own, Jeans; Zara, Shoes; Rachel Comey

Cardigan; American Apparel, t-shirt; stylists own, Jeans; American Apparel, Shoes; Rachel Comey

t-shirt; popkiller, Jeans; American Apparel, Shoes; Rachel Comey, Moccasins; model’s own

Pull-Over; American Apparel, Jeans; American Apparel

Just a typical Saturday morning playin around and having fun with clothes!

Photo: Lauren Brown

Styling: Becca Ciacchi & Lauren Brown

Model: Cody McCook

A special thanks to Confederacy and American Apparel

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