Menswear Monday: SHINee

Ok this may seem like a quirky departure from my usual Monday posts but I just have to tell the world about the magic that is SHINee. A K-Pop band from Korea that is just as popular as any of the boy bands we worshiped in the late 90s/ early 00s. My roommate shared this gift with me about a year ago, along with some pretty fierce girl K-Pop bands.

Since this is a fashion blog lets take a minute to talk about this bands style. Each member has such a distinct style that it’s hard to miss. Let’s take a look at these stylish guys in action.

and check out how they rocked Tokyo!!

and the song for me that started it all….

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    If you like SHINees style, then you should definitely check out Big Bang, they are at the forefront of the korean music industry right now, and their leader G-dradon, is very stylish and totally deserves a menswear monday!

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