Fashion Grunge Editorial #5: Seeing Stars.

7 thoughts on “Fashion Grunge Editorial #5: Seeing Stars.”

  1. Oh I’m so in love with this blog… just never dare to leave a coment before. I’m from Argentina so inglish is NOT my mother language, and I was afraid I may misspell something and make a fool of my self… I probably did or gonna do it anyway. So here I am.
    I grew up in the 90′ in a very rocker family, so I knew grunge and Nirvana practically since as far as I can remember, So, I’ve always love them and been kinda grungy, but every grunge kid here is the same… the stereotype of kurt cobain in 1992, and it’s… well after you’ve met over 19 kurt’s lookalikes… it becomes boring. But you show me how to put a stylish twist to grunge… and you and this blog are my biggest style inspirations. honestly.
    Here’s my own blog if you feel curious:

    I’m just starting, and any critics are welcome.


    1. Oh my gosh. You are the reason that I started this blog to begin with. I wanted to connect and share all my favorite things with people all over the world. I’m so glad that we have this common ground. I’m def going to check your blog out! <3



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