Menswear Monday: Marshall

This super late edition of menswear Monday (eek!) I profiled one of my friends, Marshall. I was on vacation all last week and I was thinking about a way to be a little more personal while keeping true to the reason why I started the blog to begin with. At some point I seem toย  reference the streets when I think about what to post next. Here is a little tap into my L.A. subculture…

I met Marshall about a year and a half ago at a work event. We became fast friends because of his love for languages. Being an offspring of two language teachers we had fast things to discuss. Marshall, who is very proud of being German and managing to stay fluent in the language while living in LA, used that as inspiration for his segment. We photographed him in a few of the outfits that represent all different sides of him. Maybe you can see a little into Marshall’s world of menswear.

Disclaimer: Claudia had a little too much fun on our shooting trip that she intentionally edited together a video love letter to Marshall and his style…haha

Photo: Lauren Brown

Video: Claudia Schwenk

Model: Marshall Pease

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