Draped in Velvet…

It wouldn’t be a flashback to the 90s if we didn’t talk about velvet. Even George Costanza  (from Seinfeld) can’t resist this material. More on that later.

Since the 90s are back for yet another season I thought I would dive into some of my favorite velvet pieces. Oh ps. I just got a pair of cherry red velvet Doc Martens that should be arriving soon so look forward to some awesome shoe posts coming your way!

Here’s what I’m diggin for the fall velvet season…

My girl Mary- Kate rocking this trend a few years ago.

credit: tumblr and weheartit.com

it is not anymore George… go to it!

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    Diggin’ the velvet! I just picked up a vintage velvet blazer in burgundy red. Can’t wait to wear it with a white button down, tan shorts and oxfords – a la Angus Young.
    Well…my own version anyway.
    Great post!
    – Tina

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