Seeing Red…

On one of my favorite blogs Violet Pills Inc, I came across this awesome post all based around color. Coincidentally it was named after one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs as well. I’ve decided to follow suit and compose a post here based around a color as well. I’ve been feeling stressed lately so instead of calming myself down I’m adding fuel to the fire so to speak.

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Menswear Monday: Matthew Lillard

One of my favorite icons in the 90s was Matthew Lillard. He still is as a matter of fact. From the crazy killer in “Scream” to the blue haired punk in “SLC Punk” he always captured my heart. Why can’t boys look like this again?

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Sunday Inspiration: Drew Barrymore in the 90s pt 2.

Drew Barrymore was one of my favorite inspirations in the 90s. I did a previous post here on her a while back.Even now she’s still is pretty badass. Let’s take a lapse through time to check out her awesome style to hopefully inspire all of you out there as well.

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Do I?

Do I need this UNIF skirt?

photo via nastygal blog

Fashion Grunge Editorial #8: Dreaming of You.

Yes. Yes. Sit down. After a noticeably long hiatus from shooting, the editorials are back. We have been through a lot in the past 5 months. Rejuvenated and with a new perspective here we are again.

using clothing from Revolve and American Apparel, and shoes from Dr. Martens this is what we’d wear lounging around our apt on a Saturday night…

Here is our #8th in the series: “Dreaming of You”

sweater; theory, shorts; One Teaspoon, shoes; Dr. Martens

dress; UNIF; bracelets; mawi

leather jacket; model’s own; shirt;UNIF, bodysuit; American Apparel; boots; Dr. Martens

hat; Urban Outfitters, velvet shirt and skirt; American Apparel,boots; Yohji Yamamoto for Dr. Martens

shirt; UNIF, skirt; American Apparel, boots; Dr. Martens

lace bodysuit and shorts; American Apparelturtleneck; Theory, bodysuit; American Apparel, tights; Costume Dept., boots; Dr Martens

jacket; UNIF, bra; models own, shorts;UNIF; boots; Dr Martens

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Styling: Cody McCook

Hair: Gabe Jenkins

Model: Chloe Jillings

* a special thanks to RevolveClothing, American Apparel, and Posers in Hollywood for the Dr. Martens…we love you all!

Menswear Monday: Filled to the Brim

I admit. I love guys in hats. Beanies, wide brim hats, cop hats, you name it. Hats really do complete the outfit. Over the past 3 years I’ve been wearing more and more hats, even branching out to a brimmed hat that makes me look like Indiana Jones.

Here is a look at some men rockin some hats that are just as diverse as their personalities.

Guys, keep it up.

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Lately my mind has been on such overdrive. Between working, editing the photos from the latest shoot (which will be out later this week..eek!), and starting another project I’m so drained. Looking forward to my next day off real soon…

Relax and check out this batch of inspo for ya…

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