Menswear Monday: Perry Farrell

One of the first things I think of when I hear the decade 90s is “alternative rock”. With that Perry Farrell comes into play. Aside from Nirvana and the whole grunge scene that was well on its way out when I became a teen, there was this ever emerging world of alternative rock that sprouted. Jane’s Addiction, fronted by Perry Farrell was one of the bands on the forefront of it all.

Between the ever infectious “Been Caught Stealin” to the lush soundscape of “Mountain Song”, its clear they are going to take you on a journey. Perry is such a crazy outlandish frontman and I just love the vibe he exudes.

Let’s take a journey and listen to the man behind alternative rock. And oh yeah, he invented Lollapalooza. So there.

and one of my favorites: “Jane Says” live version

photos via tumblr

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