Menswear Monday: Adam Goldberg

There is something about Adam Goldberg that I have always loved. From his incredible humor to his geek-chic looks, he’s been one of my crushes for a while. Now you all know him as the guy who ‘just wants to dance” from Dazed and Confused but it wasn’t until the film “2 Days in Paris” that I really noticed him again. Oh, if you havent seen that movie please do. Julie Delpy plays his girlfriend and they spent 2 days with her family in Paris. When I tell you that his tales are an accurate description of an American in Paris I’m not exaggerating.

One of my favorites roles he’s done lately was on “Entourage”. Look it up. This post came about when I saw him at the restaurant me and girlfriends have our weekly dinners at. Yep, he still looks just as good as ever.

from “Dazed and Confused”

from his “Inked Magazine” feature.

He has a pretty awesome photography blog through the Impossible Project and you can see it here

one of his photographs.

Hope you enjoy!

photos via tumblr

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