Fashiongrunge Editorial #9: “Wired Sun” ft. Erik Flores of Monstro Flora

It’s time for another fashiongrunge editorial! Expect to see more in the months to come.

For this editorial Erik Flores, the lead singer of Monstro Flora was the subject. This series took on a different more raw approach than the editorials we’ve done in the past. I decided to shoot with my 35mm camera to give the raw look that truly embodies Erik’s music and style. Using some pieces from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair to Insight, take a rare journey into Erik’s life through the lens.

Shirt by insight; model’s own pants;

Sweater by GANT

Hat by Urban Outfitters

shirt by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

shoes by Hawkings McGill

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Styling: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Model: Erik Flores

Assistant: Eden Siesser

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