Fashion Grunge Editorial #10: “Kids in America”

Here we are! It’s time to break out the champagne for the 10th editorial for the blog! Keeping in mind the 90s and our own flair for all things nostalgic here is our new editorial! I was personally thinking of the Larry Clark movie “Kids” when I was shooting this series. There was nothing short of energy this day. From jumping off phone booths to swinging on street signs we covered it all. Oh yeah, we covered biking and skateboarding too!

I hope everyone fully enjoyed our video that I posted yesterday, but now it’s time for the photos that I love taking oh so much.

We used some great pieces from some local designers here in L.A. mixed with vintage pieces. Always a great combination. More and more shoots are on the way and we can’t wait to share it with you. Big thanks to everyone involved who helped make this shoot one of the best yet. We’re quite proud.  A big shout out to Rik Villa and Lan from Skinny Bitch Apparel for the awesome duds!

on Jacob; studded vest by Artisan Deluxe, shorts by Rik Villa; On Arizka; plaid shirt by Rik Villa; models own shorts and shirt; boots by Dr. Martens

on Jaimee; vintage 80s jumpsuit, denim vest by Dimepiece, and San Francisco skyline necklace all via Skinny Bitch Apparel,  boots by Jeffrey Campbell; on Keynon; stylists own jacket, tank by UNIF, Stay Sharp snap back by Emortal.

on Arizka; Varsity jacket by The Hundreds ; sad face tank dress by Dimepiece Designs via Skinny Bitch Apparel, on Keynon; handkerchief muscle tank by Rik Villa; vintage camo jacket, On Jaimee; Bitch You Aint No Barbie tank by Skinny Bitch Apparel.

on Jacob; Lil’ Devil Snap Back hat, Ska Dude tank , and skirt all by Rik Villa, pants by Zara, stylists own shoes.

on Jaimee; cross collar by Dimepiece via Skinny Bitch Apparel, vintage top and skirt, stylist own shoes, On Keynon; vest by Levis, Ska Skull Dance tee by Rik Villa, vintage sweater, boots by Dr. Martens.

on Arizka; lace bustier by Silence and Noise; pants by Rodebjer, On Jacob;  Obey hat, Stars jacket by Rik Villa, vintage pants and shoes.

on Keynon; American tank by Outcast Americana; overalls by Rik Villa; stylists own shoes, On Jacob; vintage cropped sweater, Handkerchief kilt pants by Rik Villa

on Jaimee; jacket by Rik Villa; vintage shorts; models own bodysuit; models own hat; vintage boots; on Arizka; studded overalls by Rik Villa, boots by Jeffrey Campbell

When I first started this blog 3 years ago I never imagined that it would come this far. First of all the grunge scene was just something that I loved personally so when I met people who wanted the blog to be bigger and better by combining our own talents to produce art I was anxious and encouraged to finally be doing what I loved again. I had been on a slump and hadn’t taken a photo in years. Now, my book is growing with photos that have more than just your typical story behind them.

When we were casting for this shoot we wanted to stand true to our original plan by shooting people that we know in our lives. It makes the process so much more organic and raw to the culture that we love so much.  When I look at these photos they remind me of myself and my friends when I was in my early 20s living in New York. Everyone we shot here gives their own contribution to the creative world and that’s why they made a perfect fit. Jaimee is an amazing dancer who is “inspired by her city” which is Los Angeles, more specifically Venice, CA where she is from. Keynon is a songwriter for Darkchild Studios who is pushing boundaries within his songs, which I happen to be a huge fan of! Jacob, is an art director who is inspired by artists “Neckface, Dash Snow, McGee, and Ed Templeton”. Someone like me who has a huge list of inspirations at any given time. He also lists Harmony Korine and Mark Gonzales as other important influences in his life. Arizka is an all around renaissance woman. Part Time fashion blogger and designer, also the author of one of my favorite blogs, Devil in the Detail. This isn’t the last we will see of any of these four that’s for sure.

Photo: Lauren Brown

Style: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Hair: Gabe Jenkins

Models: Jaimee Kadish, Keynon Moore, Arizka Sehoko, Jacob Valentin
Photo Assistant: Kristen Luna
Fashion Assistants: Allison Benn, Eden Siesser

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    Lauren! These are SO awesome. And I love that “Kids” was your inspiration! We gotta work together somehow, girl! Keep it up! XO

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