Throwback Thursday: The Mini-Backpack

There are some trends that we wished never happened. Some of them we try to forget. Now, I know some people are torn over whether or not they liked the mini-backpack trend but I for one really loved  it. In true 90s revival fashion lately they have begun to make their rounds back into our “vintage” inspired closets. I specifically remember buying one at the mall in 7th grade and I couldn’t wait to debut my new treasure the next day in school. Backpacks have become to make their way out of the shadows but none will capture our hearts quite like the mini-backpack.

Let’s appreciate mini-backpacks from the 90s and welcome them back into our lives with open arms.

i had one just like this.

Cher Horowitz rocking her white fuzzy one.

photos via tumblr, pinterest, weheartit

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    Oh wow, mini-backpacks! How could you not love it?! They are definitely making a comeback. I also had one like the blue one with the navajo braid during my junior-high years! And Lisa Frank keeps popping up everywhere this month! I just did a little nostalgia post on Lisa Frank myself. I wish I still had those folders (and maybe a traperkeeper!)

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