Fashion Grunge Editorial #11: “Morning Theory”

We are on a move here with editorials. Last Sunday we shot our last series and this one we are super stoked on. When we were brainstorming on what we wanted to focus on we really wanted to explore a different area that we haven’t tapped yet.

I learned all about the technical aspect of photography with black and white film. Keeping that in mind I really wanted to do a black and white series and also focus more on a story. Taking the fashion grunge aesthetic to another level, we took a more raw and emotional approach for number 11.

Thanks to Insight, American Apparel, Makia Clothing, Tovar, SLDVR, and Big Star! You made this shoot possible! We love you!

on him; hat by Makia Clothing, sweater by Tovar, necklace by Obeyon her; t-shirt by American Apparel, vintage shorts by Levi’s, on him; sweater by Tovaron him; hat stylists’ own, shirt by SLVDR, jeans by Levi’s, on her; blouse, skirt and garters by American Apparelon her; blouse and bra by American Apparelon him; sweatshirt by Big Star, pants by Insight; model’s own boots and hat, on her; dress by Big Star, garters by American Apparel on her; tank by Big Star, vintage Levi’s shorts, on him; shirt by Insight, jacket by Rag & Bone, jeans by Levi’s, boots by Justin

on her; jacket and bodysuit by American Apparelon him; shirt by Tovaron him; jacket by Tovar, t-shirt by Insight, plaid shirt by Tovaron her; robe by American Apparel; swimsuit by Insight

Photographer: Lauren M Brown

Styling: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Models: Caitlin Cruz & Adam Friedlander

Special thanks to Camille at 722 Figueroa and Yasmine at Bollare!

We hope you enjoy this one just as much as we did shooting it!

There were so many great shots that I couldn’t post them all. They may just pop up in an “outtakes” post real soon.

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