Throwback Thursday: 90s Nickelodeon Game Shows

When I was sitting on the couch tonight the thought of the old Nickelodeon game shows popped into my head. A perfect segment for this Thursday to recapture our lost youth. I know that when I was a kid I desperately wanted to be on almost every show. My personal favorites have to be Double Dare (of course), Legends of the Hidden Temple, and G.U.T.S. Now, I know I’m sure to get tons of comments on the ones that I left out but lets save that for another time.

Double Dare- a classic in any 90s household which eventually merged into Family Double Dare when the blue team and the red team would answer trivia questions and if they passed they could choose any number of physical challenges. My favorite was the obstacle course at the end where they won some bitchin prizes like Walkmans and VCR players.


Legends of the Hidden Temple– One of my failed childhood goals was to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple. Obviously that didn’t happen so I have to relive the memories through old YouTube videos. Teams of one boy and one girl had to answer varying questions on mythology and history and gather different artifacts throughout this bad ass set that looked like the jungle. ย Who didn’t love Olmec the talking rock with the red eyes?


GUTS– ย One of the best action sports game shows ever. Three kids raced to beat each others times in various sports challenges. At the end they had to climb this Aggro Crag mountain and the winner got to keep their own piece of glowing rock. I would have this displayed in my house to this very day.

photos via google & youtube

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    I loved Double Dare. The messy episodes were the coolest. Speaking of messy & television shows,I really enjoyed You can’t do that on Television. I know that was more an 80s show but I feel like that did show re-runs of it in the 90s. Or am i just that old. lol

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