Fashion Grunge Editorial #14: “Archetype”

Our third shoot from New York is coming at you hard, but from a different angle.  I wanted to push the boundaries and really show another side of the editorials and what we can do here. Shooting exclusively with the brand MIHA from New York, this shoot really took me back to that time in contemporary fashion when the 80s were ending and the 90s had began. The high fashion world took more cues from punk and the emerging grunge fashion that was happening in the streets, and it moved up the fashion ladder. We hope to enjoy this nod to the “classic” fashion that emerged with the trend in the 90s and still does to this day.

all clothing my MIHA, jewelry and shoes by Urban Outfitters

Photography: Lauren M Brown

Stylists: Becca Ciacchi & Cody McCook

Model: Lindsay Reed

Photo Assistant: Ernesto Carlos Roman

Fashion Assistant: Sean Karimian

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    Really awesome! Love the black and whites. I think these photos reflect a higher level of sophistication than some of your previous shoots. Really professional!

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