Throwback Thursday: Blossom

I’ve just done a little mini post on Blossom before, so it doesn’t hurt to pay homage to the girl who inspired the denim flower hat of the 90s. Blossom just shaped the 90s awkward girl trend and made it super cool for kids like me to dress like a spaz. How can we forget Six, her best friend who was what every girl in junior high hopes for in a best friend. She balanced out Blossom’s neurotic behavior with her wild crazy fast talking ways. Whoa! We can’t forget her hunky older brother Joey who will always be remember as this fun loving goof who just said “whoa!” and we loved it.

Let’s all put on our flower hats and knee high socks on this Thursday and remember the awesomeness that is Blossom Russo.

images via tumblr/google/pinterest

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