90s Crush: Liv Tyler

I love Liv Tyler. Being a famous offspring from one of the greatest rock bands is definitely something to be jealous of. Her dad is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and her mom was a model. In other words, she has the best of both worlds. Back in the 90s she had the most amazing style. From Empire Records, to her appearance in an Aerosmith video with Alicia Silverstone, Liv just symbolized a 90s “it-girl”.

photos via tumblr//google

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    Hi, I absolutely adore this blog and have been checking it at minimim once a week for ages…However, I’m totally baffled by this new layout! I’m finding it really hard to navigate so feel like I’m missing content. Errrr…

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      Oh, no! I’m sorry. I changed the layout for the updates to come. If you scroll on the left side of the site there are months with all of the posts there so you can look at them by month! I hope that helps!


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