Throwback Thursday: X-Girl Clothing by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

In the 90s it was all about grunge in mainstream fashion. Let’s face it grunge was mostly identified by the men. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Daisy Von Furth decided to spawn X-Girl. They decided to make a clothing line in true fashion riot grrl fashion. X-Girl clothing flattered all body types and was made for the girls by the girls. Chloe Sevigny was famously a part of the downtown New York scene that revolved around the clothing line’s inspiration. She was tapped to be the star of a short film and print campaign. They even held a guerilla style fashion show in NYC in the 90s where anything goes. Unfortunately all videos of the fashion show on YouTube have been taken down but if you follow the link below you can check out a truly awesome segment on MTV’s House of Style on the brand. Awesome throwback indeed.

X-Girl on MTV’s House of Style 

*stills from the x-girl film

stills from mtv segment

photos via papermag, vicemag

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