Throwback Thursday: Clarissa Explains it All


Clarissa Darling, one of the girls in the 90s that I was insanely jealous of. She had the most amazing wardrobe filled with crazy prints and I think she was the first girl my age on tv I saw in Doc Martens. I wanted to be Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s. “Clarissa Explains it All” was part of the classic Nickelodeon lineup in the 90s. Even though I had no best friend who climbed through my window or a bratty brother, I felt that I lived my life through her eyes. Personally I think she was the first one to pull off the “hipster style” before anyone even knew she would later become a fashion icon. Let’s all thank Clarissa for our mix matched patterns and combat boots we’re still wearing today.

Na-na na na….

3153826143492592057_TrUUYqAf_c164803667584052659_Z5dItirrclarissa-explains-it-allimgres-1imgressettumblr_m9z0u2evJP1qzgk54o1_1280tumblr_ma2iqoHncL1qfl42ho1_1280tumblr_md52nq9zT01qm5kebo1_500photos via tumblr//pinterest

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