FG Book Review: “Grunge” by Michael Lavine


For as long as I could remember I’ve been obsessed with books. It was an easy way to escape into a world that was just outside my bedroom window. It’s amazing how a photography book can have just the same effect as a literary story.

Photographer Michael Lavine documented the burgeoning punk and grunge scene in the late 80s and early 90s. From that scene came some of the most famous photographs of real grunge and punk fans and some pretty classic shots of a young Kim Gordon. This is one of the best books for any fan of the alternative rock scene. It’s constantly a source of both life and fashion inspiration to me. All of the photos I’ve scanned from my book. These are my favorite parts of the book and this is definitely one photo journey you shouldn’t miss.

grungebook_2grungebook_3grungebook_4grungebook_5grungebook_6grungebook_7grungebook_8grungebook_9L7, 1989

grungebook_10grungebook_11grungebook_12White Zombie, 1987

grungebook_13Nirvana, 1990

photos via book scanย 

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