Menswear Monday: Marcel Castenmiller


In a previous life I think I was a model scout. Although now I seem to be scouting via the web, there is still a sense of excitement when I find a new face that inspires many people within the fashion world.

For this week I’ve decided to profile Marcel Castenmiller, both a model and photographer on the fashion radar. He has appeared as the face of Kenzo, Theory, and starred in some great editorials from the worlds best indie fashion magazines. So, this Monday let’s check out the work of Marcel over the last few years and see why this is only the beginning.

Check out his photography here:ย

11136712627marcel-castenmiller-by-jonathan-ledermarcel-castenmiller-shot-by-ryan-mcginley-formarcel-castenmillermarcelMetal-Mag-09-800x533tumblr_m8neb6WyJk1qazzlco1_1280tumblr_ma0en6CQA21qhnmk5o1_1280tumblr_ma2f2922Me1qzxdjao1_1280tumblr_mamyv5EAZ71qbthy1o1_500tumblr_mdvo3wI3iE1qhohkqo1_400tumblr_mdvo4jVi1y1qhohkqo1_400Photographer: Ashton Do

photos via pinterest//tumblrย 

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