Lifetime Inspiration: This is England


In the past 4 years of writing this blog I have thought of the entries as a time capsule. Or a way for me to remember things important or inspiring in my life. Almost like an online scrapbook if you think about it. Finding a film that hits you hard as soon as it’s over is a very rare thing. A few years ago this happened to me when I saw “This Is England” for the first time.


Director Shane Meadows premiered his first film in 2006 to amazing reviews. The story of a lost 12 year old boy who befriends a group of skinheads in England circa 1983. Aside from the film giving me a new insight on the background of skins, I also gained an intensive interest in British culture. Now it’s no secret that it is my dream to live in the UK, so seeing this film right around the time I was making the choice to move to Los Angeles reminds me of my quarter life crisis. In a good way.


The main character played by Thomas Turgoose was an incredible force in the film, as well as the other actors throughout. The film was so well received that a drama spin off television series was created called “This Is England” ’86 and it’s still running today. The ’90 series is slated for 2013. If you haven’t seen this film then I highly recommend seeing it right frickin now.


I hope this film is as powerful for you as it is for me.

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