Style Blogger Crush: Jessica of Vintage Virgin


Personal style is one of the biggest reasons why the fashion blogger world has exploded in the last 5 years. I always admire personal style bloggers for giving countless people all over the world a peek into what really goes into dressing everyday.

For my blogger crush this week I wanted to share the amazing vintage closet of Jessica Virgin, better known as the Vintage Virgin. Since I moved to California I have had a whole new appreciation for vintage fashion and really spinning it into your own style. As most people know Cali is known for it’s endless supply of vintage shops as far as the eye can see. Jessica hails from Texas and this mom is seriously rocking her personal style coast to coast.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her blog, Vintage Virgin over the past few years…

12CSC_0118CSC_0183CSC_0200CSC_0256CSC_0388CSC_0420CSC_0582DSC_0260DSC_0529all photos via Vintage Virgin blog

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