Magazine Review: SRC 783

1It’s no secret that I have an obsession with magazines. For as long as I can remember it’s been a dream to have my own. Hopefully something you may be seeing in the not too distant future. When people come to my apt I love to share my collection and usually my friends end up discovering a new treasure in the process. Since I love to “share the wealth” so to speak, I thought I may as well extend that to the blog readers! I think weekly or bi-weekly I’m going to profile a book or magazine that everyone needs to know.


SRC 783 is a new magazine from Australia that caters to the non-traditional and alternative side of fashion and photography. Created by Nick Thomm, a creative director and graphic designer and Christina Dietze, a fashion editor, they prefer to center each issue around art and culture instead of seasons or trends. A refreshing change from most glossy mags that you can find on newsstands.


For now they are stocked in a few stores in Australia, but for now you can grab an copy of their first issue appropriately titled “Issue Zero” at their website

SRC783 on Facebook 

SRC783 on Tumblr 

Special thanks to Nick for the images! 

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