Menswear Monday: Candlebox


Music has been the biggest part of my life since I can remember. While sometimes the line of grunge and alternative music becomes blurred when trying to define a band I simply try not to worry too much about the genre and just concentrate on the music in general.

For this Menswear Monday I decided to share my love for the 90s Seattle based band, Candlebox. They were widely considered to be alternative rock but you can’t deny the grunge roots they carried throughout their music. Style was only one part of the aspect of this band that I liked as with all bands in the grunge era their music goes further than their style for me. It’s all about the music. So whether or not you’ve heard of Candlebox or you are just discovering them for the first time, lets take a trip back in time to appreciate them on this Monday.

*one of their best live performances…ever.


photos via google//tumblr

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