Throwback Thursday: Fight Club


Fight Club is one of those movies that stays with you the moment you finish watching. It was released in ’99 so it just makes it under the wire for the throwback section of the blog. Directed by David Fincher, with quite possibly the best cast ever with an even more tremendous story. Now I know that most people have already seen it but in the interest of not spoling it I won’t reveal too many details of the story. It’s based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk which is even more of a crazy thrill ride. Definitely read it when you get the chance.


One of the greatest parts of this film is the gritty feeling and nature of the whole story. Not to mention the amazing costume choices for each character. Marla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter is a mix between Courtney Love and Wednesday Adams with a sarcastic edge. Edward Norton is a seemingly “normal” guy who isn’t all that normal as the movie progresses. Of course we can’t forget Brad Pitt who single handedly brought back the pink fuzzy robe and made it look oh so hot.

-1247634835852650532049029667107077105905028708212204_opeSFFruBrad Pitt fight clubtumblr_mf5mjlczKB1s01ld7o1_500Edward Norton, director David Fincher, and Brad Pitt

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