Model Files: Cara Delevingne

39058947615Everyone in the fashion world has been buzzing about British model, Cara Delevingne. I’ve been keeping track of her for a while now so I figured it’s only right to share some of my favorite Cara moments. While she has graced many of the indie fashion mag covers along with starring in a Burberry campaign, it’s her off duty style and quirky personality that really brightens my day. I’m also in love with that black leather jacket she wears. In love.

Don’t worry another mixtape coming up later today!

090612_Tommy_Ton_S2013RTW1962018215933143747227811848_IbSpCyvJcara-delevingne-1cara-delevingne-2cara-delevingne-vogue-ukcara-delevingne-women-ny-a-rare-moment-insidecara-delevingneforeverinhautecouturenewslettersearchthe-delevingne-sistersCara with her sister Poppy

the-streetstyle-cara-delevingnetumblr_mad0yjsBYM1qah5ozo1_500photos via pinterest

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