From the Vault: Preen Magazine


When I was first getting introduced into the world of the magazine culture, I read everything I could get my hands on. I remember spending countless hours on the floor of Barnes & Noble with a stack of magazines soaking up this new world that I longed to be a part of someday. Since we’re in the zygote phase of developing our own magazine here, it seemed like the right time to mention one of my favorite magazines that sadly only had 7 issues. The Huntington Beach,CA based publication, Preen Magazine.

From the first issue I was hooked. I was still reading Nylon in 2007 when Preen debuted, but I wanted something a little off the beaten path that I just wasn’t getting from them anymore. Enter Preen. Lilly McElroy, the editor in chief described it perfectly, ” Preen is a fashion arts, lifestyle quarterly magazine for the young independent woman that has a curatorial eye for the world around her.” I can’t think of anything better. Each issue is filled with some of the most inspiring articles and editorials that I’ve ever seen in print. It really gives me hope that this can be recaptured yet again.  It’s impossible for me to scan every issue cover to cover ( although I would), so here is each cover with one image from each edition that I happen to find inspiring. I’m proud to say that years later the Preen aesthetic and mission statement still holds a piece of my heart.


Issue #1 ph: Kayt Jones 

img094*one of the first times I saw Alexander Wang in print. ph: Dan Martensen


Issue #2 ph: Blossom Berkofsky

img096*from editorial “Ray Spex” by Peter Stanglmayr


Issue #3 ph: Blossom Berkofsky 


* from editorial “The Great Escape” by Francesca Tulk-Hart


Issue #4 ph: Guy Aroch

img100* from the editorial ” Pre-Millenium Tension” by Peter Stanglmayr


Issue #5 ph: Marlene Marino


Cory Kennedy by Jason Nocito


Issue #6 ph: Peter Stanglmayr

img104from the Organic Panic story ph: Derek Kettela


Issue #7 ph: Kenneth Cappello 

img106from the editorial “Pretty Baby” by Stacey Mark

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    Thank you so much for the nice write up!! Preen Magazine was a product of love and I am very flattered that you still think about it. ❤
    All the best to you

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