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“Fashion Blogs” was one of the first books to really explore the booming industry of fashion blogging. I first heard about this book in 2011 and it was one of the hardest to track down. It sold out faster than anyone could have ever imagined, so I after months of eBay stalking I emerged victorious. It’s great to see that so many of these fire starters of the blogosphere are still going strong.

Since it’s release in 2010 the world of fashion blogging has grown more than anyone expected. This book profiles blogs in different categories; news and views, seen on the streets, personal style diaries, creatures of the night, and what about the boys? Here is one from each section of this truly inspiring book on the beginning of the fashion blog craze.

Fashion Blogs: News and Views- Susie Bubble



Fashion Blogs: Seen on the Streets- The Streets Walker (Israel)



Fashion Blogs: Personal Style Diaries- Alice Point (Poland)



Fashion Blogs: Creatures of the Night- The Cobrasnake (USA) 



Fashion Blogs: What About the Guys?- The Dandy Project (Philippines, USA)

dandyphotos via my own scan

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