Throwback Thursday: Fav 90s Sitcoms

One of the best things about television is it’s ability to distract you from your actual life.  I loved watching sitcoms in the 90s because it seemed that each premise was even crazier than the next. A true departure from reality.

This is also where most of my junior high boy crushes were first birthed. Ahh the memories. In true throwback fashion here are some of my fav sitcoms from the 90s.

Boy Meets World


Cory Matthews, perpetual do gooder and his wacky family were such a classic 90s staple. I however was obsessed with Shawn Hunter, aka. Rider Strong who played Cory’s best friend. Of course Cory had the annoying older dumb brother, and yes the class weird girl known as Topanga ultimately became Cory’s main squeeze as the show continued. Also, I love how Topanga was so ahead of the time with her fashion sense. 90s Boho anyone?

Saved by the Bell


I mean…If you don’t know why Saved by the Bell was one of the best shows on television then I just don’t know where to start. The fashion in this photo explains it all. Zack Attack!



It really doesn’t get much more 90s than Blossom. Since the day this show premiered it hasn’t left my brain. Apart from Blossom having the best wardrobe ever, she also had the dopest best friend named Six. Yep, Six. Also where would we be without Joey Lawrence famously saying “Woah!” in almost every episode. If you don’t know about Blossom, it’s on DVD.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


What would this list be without a little imagination? After Melissa Joan Hart left Clarissa Explains It All the sitcom world was dying for a teenage girl just discovering magical powers from her two crazy witch aunts. Yes, the show comes complete with high school boy crush, best friend, and mean girl classmate. Oh let’s not forget the awesomely bad late 90s fashion too.

Step by Step


Think of the Brady Bunch but in the early 90s. Set in Wisconsin with two sets of kids from each parent, there were seriously endless story lines to come from this gem of a show. From the surfer slacker named Cody living in a van in the driveway to Andrew Keegan randomly guest starring as a potential boyfriend for one of the girls, it had it all. Let’s face it, the best part of this show was the cheesy intro and the fact that it was on ABC TGIF night.

Home Improvement


To be honest I was really into this show because JTT (that’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas) for all the non- 90s teenage girls out there. He was the best thing since sliced bread and apparently he’s making a comeback to tv. The show revolved around the tool-obsessed Tim Taylor, his wife, and their three sons. Comedic genius.

Full House


Two Words. Kimmy Gibler. Yeah, I know she wasn’t a main character but her annoyance alone made this show worth watching. Centered around a single dad, his friends who live at his house, and his kids makes for an intriguing show to say the least. Yes, this is where the Olsen twins made their mark on the world.

3rd Rock From the Sun


One of the greatest shows in the 90s was arguably 3rd Rock from the Sun. Armed with a sardonic script and one of the best ideas ever for a show: What if aliens had to adapt to our society with hilarious results? Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is one of my favorite actors ever played Tommy the youngest of the clan in age but really an 80 yr old man by thought. This show is a classic waiting to happen.

California Dreams


This show is really one of my first memories of wanting to live in California. I do wish that I could have been a teen here in the 90s just so that I could relive my “California Dreams” if you will. These appropriately 90s fashion clad teens formed a soft rock band in high school (didn’t we all) and played gigs and also dealt with the usual teen problems. It sounds really cheesy now but this theme is literally still one of my favorite intros ever.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback into some 90s sitcom tv culture!

photos via googleimages 

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