Beauty File: Courtney Love by Dana Ionato



By Dana Ionato, beauty contributor

Nothing looks worse than a greasy crayon, especially when your a walking study like Courtney Love. Her look of bleached out hair, bright red lips, and dark eyeliner has been in and out of trend for a decade. Its unique, and sexy. Mysteriously makes people wonder if your a celebrity, when you really want to look cool, dress like Courtney.


This Hole celebrity has been muse to many fashion designer’s throughout the years landing the most major campaign with Heidi Slimane’s new Saint Laurent ads titled, “The Saint Laurent Music Project.” 90’s inspired fall collection is major. She is not wearing her baby doll dresses, she seems over the Grunge Glamour, not Heroin chic, but just chic.


She loves vintage clothing, dated back to 1929, cutting up clothes and making something else. Influenced by Rodarte, Prada suits, and classic Saint Laurent.




She loves a really theatrical red look, oxblood, maroon, and deep brown reds.

Create a customized cheek look—from matte to highlighted—by blending on the range of shades in this limited-edition palette, which includes NARS’ iconic Orgasm in addition to pink, peach and gold tones.

NARS Foreplay Palette, also try the NARS red lip liner in Velvet Rope. My favorite red lipstick right now is Mac Russian Red. Its amazing with the NARS lip liner. Exfoliate your lips first with Fresh Brown sugar lip scrub. That way you will have a velvety creamy lip.  Have concealer handy to fix and smudges after you apply it on after and make sure to have your face flawless.

Blush not bronzer. Get rid of bronzer, along with the flat iron, it wasn’t out yet. Think Courtney Love, not tan mom.


Dragon eye, fast trick, get an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. Eyeliners are tricky. I don’t like to mess with the liquid liner, its to risky. If I make a mistake in the morning, I don’t have time to wash my whole face and start over. I suggest MAC kohl eyeliner. Unline some black eyeliner, the color stays noir, not turning to charcoal like the others. Finish with Benefit Rebel mascara.How to apply your eyeliner.

Start off by softly dotting and smearing the eyeliner on the top lash lines from the tear ducts all the way to the outer corners of the eyes. He then goes back over his work to thicken the line. I personally only do my bottom lash, top lash is dated, but here are a few helpful tips on application;

 Top Lash:

The trick is to get as close to the lash line as possible. Not only will this make the lashes look more lush, but it will also accentuate what you already have, thicker in the middle, and thickest of all at the ends. You want to sweep your eyeliner on gracefully. Blend, blend, blend, and smudge.

Bottom Lash:

And as for those bottom lash lines: It should never be as dark or as thick as the top, Brett advises. For the bottom, lightly dab on a small amount for just a touch of definition. Stay on the lines, don’t create new lines. You don’t want to look like something that rhymes with Manny. Come on now!

Oxblood red for fashion may be last season, but it never goes out for eyeliner. Try Mac eyeliner Teddy. Its a red-brown, making hazel, and brown eyes pop.


Ratchet doesn’t hold a candle to this 90’s punk rock princess. Courtney slowly turned out grunge glamour, and is now the face for the most major campaigns. You know you want to have that face.

images via google//tumblr

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    Well i hate to break it to you young ones but red lips and black lined eyes goes decades and decades back long long before Courtney was around.Don’t get me wrong,sure she wrote a few great rock songs and she can act… (most addicts can,its called ‘the survival method’…& I have enjoyed her to a degree. Yet how well would the world have known her had she not hooked up with Kurt. Be honest.
    To hold her up on a fashion pedastal really is misdirected. All kinds of beauties were wearing vintage clothes long before Miss love as well. Courtney learnt how to put it together from all those beauties before her & in time and made it hers for newer generations to learn from.

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