Series Crush : Jem and the Holograms


This entry makes me really question my sense of memory. I seem to have this endless supply of the cartoon side of my early youth. Back in the 80s (um awesome) there was this show called Jem which was the ish. Like really this ish. It was based around this girl Jerrica who owned a record label in real life but she had the ability to step into an alternate universe where she was the front women of this awesome glam pop band. They had rival bands called The Misfits and The Stingers who truly were the badass ones of the group. I thought it would be the perfect throwback in true 80s fashion.



tumblr_l05tzuzKao1qzasbyo1_500The Misfitsย 



and yes they totally had dolls back the day…

images via google//tumblr

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