Throwback Thursday: Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted


There really is nothing more exciting than a debut album. It’s the first foray into a new band and you really get a sense of their thought process when trying to convey their sound. In 1992 while grunge was taking over the the airwaves, a new genre was just beginning to get off the ground. Pavement, who formed in Stockton, California in ’89 originally started out as a recording side project that they never could have predicted to be one of the most innovative in the indie scene. Soon after they released their debut album Slanted and Enchanted on Matador Records. A perfect blend of noise-rock with a lo-fo bedroom pop sound. Singer-songwriter Stephen Malkmus has often been known as the spokesman for the band, leading the cult favorite band into much success throughout the 90s.

While they have kept a relatively low profile they recorded five studio albums and a number of EP’s before breaking up in 99. In 2010 they embarked on a reunion tour which further cemented their legacy on the indie rock scene. So if you haven’t heard of Pavement, consider this your introduction to some great music.




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