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I love discovering new lines. Especially ones that are from my own backyard, Los Angeles. Cali often gets a bad rap of being the “afterthought” when talking about American fashion. Yes, we all know that New York is the capital of fashion in the States but L.A. is definitely breaking the mold of the celeb based fashion world. There are so many great independent local designers popping up giving new vitality to the fashion scene here and it’s great. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many of them on editorials and features on this site.


Arrow Collection two; $45, Arrow Collection three $45

DM/OR is a new accessory based line designed by Daniel Orlando. The line includes hand stitched leather goods, a sunglasses case, wallet, and an awesome travel bag. Currently, there are two metal pieces in the collection with more on the way. Simplicity in design has always been one of my attractions to accessory lines. I’m super excited to show you some of these great pieces first! DM/OR also carries graphic art prints designed by Daniel Orlando and design studio Perfect essentials from an independent designer. What could be more awesome than that?

AZTCphonecase_1024x1024AZTC Phone Case; $65

x1_1024x1024ALVN case; $60


♂ by LOOT; $60

Find DM/OR on Facebook//Twitter//Instagram

Shop the line @ DMOR.BIZ!

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