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While Courtney Love is the poster child for the female grunge set, there are some women out there who definitely deserve more than just a blip on the 90s grunge timeline of fashion and music. I remember so vividly the first time I heard a Babes in Toyland song. I was 15 and this senior from HS gave me a ride for off campus lunch. His name was Scott and he instantly became my new favorite person when he played the “Fontanelle” tape in his moms mini-van he drove to school.

Kat Bjelland, the lead singer and guitarist of one of the greatest girl bands, Babes in Toyland is still one of my fashion idols. Not only did I want to pick up a guitar and scream my lungs out because of her, I also wanted to be her when I grew up. It’s crazy to think that 15 years later I’m still longing for the look of ripped tights and reclaimed “girl grunge” of the age that I grew up in. While it’s not really time for a Throwback Thursday post, I couldn’t resist waxing poetic about one of my favorite women in the grunge scene.







tumblr_mlviga4n0e1sp9utro1_500w/ Layne Staleyย 





ย tumblr_meno5nLywd1rijlv4o1_500

photos viaย fuckyeahkatbjelland

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