Video Exclusive|She Was a Trash Silhouette| by Nadz Banaag for

Not only do we receive awesome photo editorials weekly, but this will be our first in a series of video contributions for the site. Australia’s Nadz Banaag is a director and he envisioned three different stories all told in video form. Here is the first installment, “She Was a Trash Silhouette”.

Accompanied with film stills photographed by Teegan Pack, I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for the next in the series.





Written and Directed by Nadeem Banaag|Β|

For Fashiongrunge

Cinematography by Albin Sjodin

Model: Skip Willcox

Fashion: NeverFullyDressed London

Stylist: Gabrielle Conner @Camilla

Hair/ Makeup: Lisa Camillo

Photography By Teegan Pack|Β Β|Β 

Production Assistant: Grace Chambers

Transport: Tom Selmon

Music: Das Distance by PVT

Special Thanks
The Kooragang Wetland/ Ash Island Rehabilitation Project
David Rae
Kaya Turner
Nicole Parish
Nancy Smedley
Amy Hayden
Lachlan Peake

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