Throwback Thursday: Foo Fighters- Self Titled Album



The debut album by the Foo Fighters is probably one of the most sentimental albums of my adolescence. After Kurt’s death and the dissolution of the “grunge” genre I remember thinking what next? I think the entire music industry was curious as to what was going to happen after such a tragic end to one of the early 90s’ most influential bands.


When I first heard that Dave Grohl, the drummer of Nirvana had started a new band I immediately was intrigued. This self-titled album really marks my venture into the world of alternative rock. Now, almost 20 years later Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have consistently been putting out great music ever since. The early lineup included Pat Smear from LA band, The Germs, and the second guitarist from Nirvana of the last year. Nate and William of Sunny Day Real Estate joined in to complete the lineup. I remember seeing them perform in a Tower Records parking lot for free when I was in junior high and that day is just as vivid as any from the past year. For today’s throwback, lets reminisce on the first album from the Foo Fighters, or discover it for the first time.

Foo Fighters




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