Throwback Thursday: SLC Punk!


One of my favorite movies (or at least in my top 20) has to be SLC Punk. Yes, now I know that its not based in the 90s but it was released in ’98 so it’s squeezed in there for the Throwback session.

Matthew Lillard stars as Steve-O, a misunderstood punk in 1985. ย Along with his sidekick “Heroin Bob” its a pretty hilarious journey of the absolute craziness of being punk in the conservative city of Salt Lake City, Utah. This film also stars Devon Sawa (in one of my favorite roles), Jason Segal, and Summer Phoenix, a just to name a few. I also tend to rate movies including their soundtrack playability and this one is chock full of tunes from The Velvet Underground, The Suicide Machines, and The Ramones. If you haven’t seen this film, please do yourself a favor and enjoy.

It’s just been announced that they are planning a sequel. I’m pretty anxious to see what that’s going be like.










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