“A Day in Glasgow” by Igor Termenón for fashiongrunge.com


A few words about the series from photographer, Igor Termenon:

 About “A Day In Glasgow” 

I decided to start this personal project to somehow pay homage to Glasgow. Between 2008/2009 I lived in Glasgow for 10 months and the city had a big influence on me and on my photography work.

Now I live in Edinburgh, which is only 1h away from Glasgow, but every time I go there I feel inspired and I just want get lost and explore the city even more.

In “A Day In Glasgow”, I decided to message people I hardly know to meet them during one day in Glasgow and photograph them around their favourite places. I’m used to fashion shoots where I select the location and I know how everything is supposed to look before the day of the shoot. For this series, I decided to do the complete opposite, asking these people to guide me around the city without having any input on the locations where I would be shooting them, the type of clothes they’d be wearing or even how they’d look like.

The photos  are the first part of this on-going project and the guy in them is called Daniel. It was great to spend a few hours with someone I only knew because he had added me on Facebook, and actually get to know more about him and his relationship with the city.

I hope when people see these photos they can somehow feel what I experience every time I’m walking on the streets of Glasgow.
Photographer: Igor Termenón 
Model: Daniel Micah DeWolfe

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