“Cerati Likes Blondes” by Andres Zuluaga for fashiongrunge.com

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0969

A few words by Andres about his series: 

A key element in this fashion editorial shoot was the constant presence of Gustavo Cerati, the ultimate famous latin Rockstar (currently in a coma). He’s the one on the signed framed picture, actually the whole wall is devoted to him. There’s an amazing childhood story behind  that photograph, and the friendship that grew through the years of the once (still) biggest fan and the Rockstar himself. 

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0891

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0917

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0935

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0954

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_0973

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_1056

xilvia fashion grunge shoot_1007

Photos by Andres Zuluaga

 Photo Assist:  Juan Carlos Montejo

 Model: Xilvie Ruiz

 Special thanks to Carlos Cadavid

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