Throwback Thursday: Temple of the Dog


Temple of the Dog is probably one of my favorite bands from the 90s. Aside from “Hunger Strike” being my go-to karaoke song in any situation,  they were such a great band that only had one album in the early 90s. It’s pretty much  a grunge supergroup with Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder with future members of Pearl Jam. The band formed after the tragic loss of Mother Love Bone frontman, Andrew Wood. What started out as a tribute band became one of the best treasures of the 90s and grunge world. Unfortunately they didn’t reach success until ’92 and by then Eddie and co. were well on their way with Pearl Jam. Oh yeah, Chris Cornell didn’t do too shabby either.






A few years ago they joined together again on stage. I’m speechless.

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    I just wanted to say that growing up in the 80s. I hated hated rock music! Hair metal was the reason! Bunch of guys wearing make up and wearing spandex. The 80s ended thank god. One day I am watching mtv and the first music video the camera goes down the hill. This dude with long black and dressed in all black rocking out and then. They show this long haired dude wearing a flannel and a leather vest. Both had no makeup on and a great sound with a message. Then it turned in CHRIS CORNELL AND EDDIE VEDDER. I was woken up to great rock music. Music of today BLOWS GOATS! MTV U SUCK U POP FRIENDLY AHOLES 90S PUNK FROM THE PACIFICA NOTH WEST RULES! Theres alot of haters out but its true LAYNE STALEY was treated like crap by the media fuck u press people!

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